Pedigree Divar from Lindnäs

Father Ómi from Stav won silver at the 2013 World Championships in the 250 meters pace.
Mother Diva from Gategården won the gold medal at the 2003 world championships in breeding.

Far: Ómi from Stav, ex: 8.45, rid: 8,19, tot: 8,29.

Total score of 8.29. Ómi is a very strong pace horse having competed on the race tracks for many years. Even being a good and willing pace horse Ómi is still demonstrating fantastic cooperation skills and temperament.

Ómi is also the father of among others the lovely Alisa from Lindnæs, scoring a total of 8.25.

Mother: Diva from Gategården, ex: 9,02, rid: 8,68 tot: 8,82.

Breeding World Champion of 2003. World's highest ranked icelandic horse from 2003 - 2008!

Honouring her name, Diva remains to be the highest rated in the world in build. A clean 10 for leg quality and a series of 9s on her score card. The total ranking ends at an impressive 8.81.
And not only is she herself amazing - her offspring is too - no less than 5 made is as 1st class.

FF: SE1992104328 - Askur from Håkansgården

Honorary awarded Askur needs no further presentation, he himself is ranked 8.64 in overall score, medallist at several championships and the origin of a wealth of fantastic offspring.
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FM: SE1993204936 - Olga from Skáneyland

Scored an impressive 8.51 overall and 8.76 in rideability with several 9s. She herselv springs off among other the honorary awarded mare Hrina Vigdis from Grandalen with 4 out of 6 offsprings judged in first class.

MF: IS1985157400 - Mökkur from Varmalæk

Legendary and elite awarded Mökkur is the MF of Divar, with an overall of 8.35 and a lot of beautifully rated offspring!

MM: IS1982257033 - Freyja from Tumabrekku

Yet another unusually strong mare with no less than 6 offspring in first class and rated herself with 8.29 and among others a clean 9 for the tolt.