5-Gait Divar with an overall of 8,78 is the world's highest rated Icelandic stallion in 2015!!

From the breeding season of 2017 Divar stands at stud at Agerholm in North Zealand in Denmark.

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Welcome to the website of the Icelandic stallion Divar from Lindnäs

Incredible pedigree, top marks and last but not least the highest rated Icelandic stallion in 2015!

Divar is the perfect stallion for anyone that uncompromisingly strives for the best in
pedigree, abilities at the licensing courses and rally tracks and temperament.
Divar is a true darling and acts lovely whether he is on his way to a cozy
stroll in the forest or ready to compete at the World Championships in Holland!

Divar is large, long-legged, and powerful – a genuine Icelandic horse – amongst the top
ten rated stallions in the world, and displaying an exciting color that may
give offspring as palomino, moldott or Glóbrún.

Divar from Lindnäs nows offers stud services at at Henriette Friis in North Zealand in Denmark.

”Divar från Lindnäs” is owned by the company Divar Aps, Nordre Strandvej 10, DK 3250 Gilleleje, established January 2017 by a dedicated group of owners primarily in order to ensure the services of the fantastic stallion Divar in Denmark. Among the owners are Henriette Friis Hedegaard and Lene Deleuran Müller, both on a daily basis securing the best possible conditions for Divar and the breeding in the years to come.

See the entire licensing of Divar as a pdf here >